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Power To The People

Landline is your passport to connect with the people and places around you.


Let's Ride

The Landline Runner is a lightweight, foldable electric bike. With fast charging and 40+ KM’s of battery range, it’s perfect for everything from daily errands to weekend adventures.

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Key Highlights

Here are some key features that make the Landline Runner your passport to adventure.

Electric Motor Icon
Electric Motor
The Landline Runners 36 Volt @ 250W electric motor has the torque needed to handle any terrain you encounter.
Battery Icon
The 10.4 Amp hour battery provides all the power you need.
Landline Range Icon
Landline Runner will get you where you need to go with up to 40KM of range.
Battery Charging Icon
Battery Charging
The typical time to charge Landline Runner from flat is about 2 hours.
Speedometer Icon
Max Speed
Twist the throttle and experience the thrill of effortless 25 KM/H.
Weight Icon
Landline Runner features one of the lightest frames and efficient batteries resulting in a weight of only 18KG.
CPU Icon
Bike Computer and Mobile App
Landline Runner features an onboard computer with speed, mileage and power readouts. Increase your functionality by downloading the Connected Mobile App to get more out of your eBike.
Folded Bike Icon
Foldable Bike
Need to take your bike inside? No problem! Landline Runner folds into a 44" x 18" x 25.5" space, perfect for the office or condo.

Adjustable Battery Assist Modes

Select Your Preferred Battery Boost Setting

Engage your battery on-demand with the twist-throttle on the handlebar. Or activate one of three ActiveAssist modes: ECO, MED, or HIGH for your preferred level battery boost when you pedal.


Battery + Charging

With rapid charge technology, get a full charge in two hours


Folds in fifteen seconds flat. There are only 4 easy steps:

• Handle Bars Flip Down
• Latch to Fold Bike Fork/Stem
• Push down the seat
• Flip the pedals up


Ride Connected With The eFANS Mobile App

Using your smartphone, you can unlock the full potential of Landline Runner with these amazing features:

• Live Battery Life
• Speed
• Password Protected Lock
• Manage Cruise Control
• Bike Health Inspection Check List
• Speed Limiter
• Map/Sport* (Maps Your Ride)
• Bluetooth Connectivity on Smartphones


Runner Specifications

• Tire Size: 14"
• Folded Size: 1120 * 450 * 640mm
• Unfolded Size: 1120 * 420 * 990mm
• Bike Weight: 18KG / 39LBS
• Front Headlight and Rear Light (rear light on battery)
• Disc Brakes Front and Rear
• Adjustable Seat Height
• Water Resistant Level IP54
• Color: Matt Black

Landline Secure Store Section

Secure Online Store

Trial Icon

14 Day Risk Free Trial

Don't Love it? Send it back for a replacement or a full refund.

Delivery Truck Icon

Delivery and Assembly

Your Runner will be delivered and installed by a professional anywhere in Canada.

Warranty Icon

Standard Warranty Included

Your Runner comes with a 2-year standard warranty. Extended protection plans are also available.

Help Desk Icon

Here to Help

Our expert support team is here to help 24/7.

Pick Up and Drop Off Icon

Pickup and Drop Off Service

Need repairs or service? We'll give you a loaner while your bike is being looked after.

Fit for Life Icon

Fit for Life

Runner is perfect for commuting to work or school, or doing local chores around town. Impress your friends when you show up on your runner! Explore the town in a new way.

I love the versatility of this bike. I store it in my condo unit… and it takes 5 seconds to unfold it and hit the road


I don’t consider myself a cyclist. But the Runner is so easy to ride… and it feels less daunting than other bikes. I just hop on and get going.


This bike has unlocked some places around town that otherwise would have been a little too far to ride to. I like the flexibility of peddling and battery-power combo.



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