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Landline Runner Electric Bike User Guide

Landline User Guide

App Download and Bluetooth Connection

Please download and install the Landline App by scanning the QR code sticker in the Users Manual or above image. For APPLE devices, users can search Efans in the App store to download and install on your device. You should ensure your Bluetooth is on when using the App. After power-on, detect the Landline Runner and click "connect". (It requires Android 4.3 above, and Apple devices IOS 8.0 above .)

App Interface and Functions

As shown on below right picture is the App main interface with the speed disc in the middle, battery power on the left and on the right you will see the temperature of control board under the speed disc. The Bluetooth logo on the top left allows you to return to the Bluetooth search interface. When you click the arrow above the speed disc, the mileage details will be shown. Two icons at the bottom indicate the settings menu and route and navigation. Press the lock icon above speed to lock or unlock your Landline.

Locking / Unlocking Function

As shown on the right, click the lock/unlock icon to enter the correct password and lock/ unlock your Landline. The Landline will keep being locked after power-off, and cannot be ridden until the next time it is unlocked.

Menu and Speed Settings

The menu settings are shown here: All operations remain effective when the motors are required to stop working. After entering the speed setting interface, you can adjust the speed to whatever your preference is. The max speed is subjected to load, battery power and road conditions.

Start Up

Start-up settings consists of zero start and non-zero start. Zero start means to directly roll the handlebar to accelerate when starting your Landline, while non-zero start means to roll the handlebar when Landlineworks at some speed. Push against the ground with your feet to coast. Your Landline default setting is Zero Start.

If or when you change the Bluetooth name, Bluetooth will automatically disconnect for a moment. You can see the changed Bluetooth name in your next searching and connection.

E-Bike Password

First enter the original password and then enter a new password, confirm it and your password will be changed.

Cruise Control

After the cruise function has been activated, press the cruise button to activate cruise control. When cruise function has been shut down, any cruise operations will be invalid. Cruise control is defined as your Landline working at a fixed speed when you roll and release the handlebar. Cruise riding can be canceled once one of the below conditions is satisfied: braking, second press on cruise button or re-accelerating after releasing the handlebar.

Headlight Settings

Turn the light on through App, then it keeps on until you turn it off through App.

Rear Light

The tail lamp is a battery lamp, which can be switched manually.

Basic Information

Here you can check Landlines voltage, current and App version number.

Vehicle self inspection

Here you can check the condition of your Landline. When there is a malfunction it will be automatically detected.


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